Uniform Incident Report – NLC

Please use the linked form to report any occurrence that needs Executive attention, including but not limited to an injury that occurred at a campus or church function, a possible disclosure of  abuse by a student or child, an injury occurrence, a discovered trespasser, property damage, or a person who was escorted from a service or a restricted area (little life or Kidlife, etc.).


Overview of the New Hire Process

Campus Pastors, Directors, and Supervisors;

An overview of the New Hire Process details is provided in the individual articles referenced.

  1. Go to I Want to Add a Team Member and complete the Position Requisition Form. A submitted form is forwarded to a Lead Executive Pastor for approval.  Your follow-up may be required.  Once your position is approved for hire move to Step 2.
  2. Post, Interview, and Hire.  Post the job with HR, interview candidates, select a candidate for hire.  Forward the decision to HR and move to Step 3.
  3. For full-time hires, HR will prepare a formal offer letter to the candidate of your choice. Once HR receives a signed offer letter from the candidate confirming they have accepted the offer, you may continue to Step 4.
  4. Prepare Payroll Setup & Changes Form at least one (1) week prior the first day of work to ensure the new Team Member will be paid on their first eligible payday.  This should be done by the supervisor, not the new hire themselves. Send new Team Member to Step 5.
  5. The new hire should complete and submit the First Day of Employment Forms in their entirety and submit to HR at least one (1) week prior to the first day of work.  Please request assistance from HR if you have questions.  Hires near the Conway area are welcome to make an appointment with the HR for assistance in completing the form correctly.