New Life Church Sex Offender Policy

Position Statement:

New Life Church of Arkansas (hereafter “NLC” or “Church”) accepts as central to its mission the establishment and maintenance of a caring environment for every child of God, not just our own children, and a place of grace for all, including those whose crimes are public. Knowing that children are at risk, not yet having the ability to protect themselves, NLC determines to provide protection for them and the entire NLC congregation by carefully monitoring any known sex offender who wishes to take part in the life of this congregation.

NLC believes that God’s grace has been extended to all; that grace invites repentance and that repentance requires acknowledgement of sin, sorrow for sin, and a turning away from sin, all with the support and prayers of God’s people. In that context, NLC determines to provide a means that a sex offender can live in that grace in the life of this congregation as long as he/she cooperates with NLC’s policies and procedures.

For the benefit and protection of all people, if a NLC employee, officer or director of the Church is informed, or otherwise becomes known to the leadership in any other way, that a sex offender, whether registered or unregistered, is attending the Church, NLC requires that the known sex offender enter into this Accountability Covenant, as a condition of their participation in NLC and prior to attending any services or activities on Church property. For purposes of this Accountability Covenant, these persons are hereinafter referred to as “Participant.” For purposes of this Accountability Covenant, these persons are hereinafter referred to as “Participant.” For purposes of this policy, the term “Participant” shall also include individuals who have been arrested for a sexual offense of any kind but who have not yet been convicted of such offense and the charges are still pending having not yet been resolved through the local, state or federal criminal justice system.  Please select the link below for policy, procedures, and accountability covenant.

NLC Sex Offender Policy

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